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Frequently Asked Questions

When a Delicatessen with a 100 year history of serving the finest foods to the most discriminating customers decides to make its' offerings available online there's a lot to think about! We've taken our time to showcase all the fine offerings from Barney Greengrass now available directly to your office or dining room. People travel to our store from all over the world – but just in case you can't drop in, we'll drop ship. Thanks for continuing or joining our customers in celebration of fine food in the New York tradition.

"How Can I order?"

Simply browse our site, create an account, Click & Shop. For customers in Manhattan use our site as a guide to what we serve, and give us a call at 212-724-4707 between Tuesday & Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm.

"How soon will I receive my order?"

Click on us today and we will ship your order tomorrow. All perishable orders are shipped via FEDEX PRIORTY OVERNIGHT with delivery by 10:30am to most major cities. Some areas have a commitment time of 12pm, and more remote locations are delivered by 5pm. Orders are delivered on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Saturday Service is available to select cities for an additional $16.00 service charge. Delivery commitment times for Saturday are pushed back one hour and a half from weekday times.
Orders will be proccesed as they arrive. If no prefered delivery date is given, we will ship the order as quickly as we can. Orders placed Fridays after 12pm through Monday 12pm will be shipped on Tuesday, the next available shipping day, for delivery on Wednesday. There is no delivery on Tuesday (as we are closed on Mondays). If you have a special order or any questions please call us at 212 724 4707.

"Do I have to be home to receive my order?"

Your package will be delivered directly to your home or office. We strongly recommend someone be at the delivery destination to sign for and immediately refrigerate the package. Barney Greengrass will sign the Signature Release so that there need not be a recipient present, unless otherwise instructed. However, Barney Greengrass will not be responsible for a package left unattended. Fedex reserves the right not to leave packages that have been released if they feel the location is unsafe or the business is closed. Be sure to refrigerate perishables as soon as possible!

"How can I be sure my order arrives fresh?"

We pack our fresh food with synthetic dry ice to keep it cool without freezing it. In most instances an insulated bag is used. Each and every order is then properly wrapped and secured in a corrugated box. In short, we take every precaution to ensure your order is just right when it arrives!

"After delivery, what do I do with my order?"

Eat it immediately! But if you can't enjoy it right away, unpack your order and put in the refrigerator. Refer to the Site for specific instructions on the items you ordered.

"If you have any questions..."

Please call us at (212) 724-4707 during our business hours. We are open from 8AM until 6PM EST. Barney Greengrass always strives to accommodate our customers' needs.

"If I am only ordering non-perishable items, why is my shipping cost so expensive?"

At Barney Greengrass, we regularly ship highly perishable delicacies, such as our incredible, world-renowned smoked fish or our savory chopped liver. However, if you are only ordering dry goods (i.e. Peanut Butter, Sardines, canned goods) please note that you would like to use GROUND SERVICE. This will greatly reduce FedEx shipping rates, though it will not be delivered overnight. The shipping expectations for this service are 3-8 working days, depending on your proximity to Manhattan. Please remember that the reduced shipping only relates to NON-PERISHABLE goods (if you must keep it refrigerated, we must overnight it).